2022 RHP Golf Outing

2022 RHP

4 person Las Vegas Scramble, shotgun start at 12PM. BE THERE BY 10:45 AM.

$20 per player plus greens fees (~$40) $60 total.

*$15 will go towards the top 4 scoring teams (1st-50%, 2nd-25%, 3rd-15%, 4th-10%) and $5 will go to 8 different individual hole prizes. Payouts will depend on the number of teams signed up.

Rolling Meadows Golf Course

July 23rd 2022

560 W Rolling Meadows Dr,

Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Any Questions: Contact Tim McCullen (Vice President of Sales) at 920-579-9806 or Jim Harbridge (President) at 303-596-6739

Las Vegas Scramble Rules

The Las Vegas Scramble is a variation of a regular scramble that involves the use of a 6-sided die. Here’s how it works:

Before play begins, assign a number from one to four to each member of your 4-person team. At each tee, all four members tee off, then the 6-sided die is thrown or rolled. Check the number that comes up on the die. If it is a 1, 2, 3 or 4, then the drive of the team member whose number matches must be used on that hole. (Example: On the first hole, all four team members hit drives. Then the number 3 is rolled. The drive hit by the team member who is designated player #3 is the drive that must be played on this hole.) If the die comes up 5 or 6, then the team can choose the best drive among the four.